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About us

LYNEC LLC is a newly established company located in Dallas, TX. We are founded by experienced engineers from Google, Amlogic and Broadcomm. We focus on free P2P streaming technology, deidicate ourserlves to bring free streaming devices to all homes. We have R&D lab in dallas, TX and China, and production base in China. We are continuously making contributions to open source applications and societies. Our Goal is to make OTT services easier for consumers.

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        Watch TV and Movies sans Subscription!

               Turn your TV into your Desktop

                             without much ado!

The best TV companion.

What is LYNEC M6?

​Free yourself from the barriers of monthly payments and never-ending subscription requirements. LYNEC M6 is here now to optimize and simplify your TV viewing experience. LYNEC M6 is a revolutionary new device that lets you watch more than 200,000 movies and TV episodes for free, that is, without any subscription. It is fully loaded with numerous Add-ons and XBMC 13.2 version and all you require is an Ethernet or Home Wi-Fi network to connect M6 to the network and enjoy watching content whether online or from local media.

The Most Powerful TV Box

Quad Core CPU and Quad Core GPU

Cortex A5 1.5GHz and Mali-450 Graphic Core to provide best performance.

H.265 HEVC Codec

Hardware Decoder for the lastest H.265 HEVC technology, better picture quality but lower bandwidth requirement.

Wifi 802.11 AC

The fastest WiFi ever, with better wall-penatration.



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With continuous and diligent efforts, we have managed to improve your XBMC experience on M6. This new version has been optimized as per the hardware and Add-ons and various enhancements have been made to the official version such as: Cache Cleaning, Backup Function, Streaming. Moreover, the M6 version has been made more stable and offers many more functions than the official release.